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10 cái Áo Bỏ Túi Vuông Hankerchief Lụa Hàn Quốc Họa Tiết Paisley Chấm Hoa Hanky Tiệc Cưới Style6-quốc tế

  • 182.000 ₫

  • Hoa văn: Họa Tiết Paisley Chấm
  • Chất liệu: Lụa
  • Phong cách: Tiệc Cưới/Tiệc
  • Chất liệu: 100% Polyester
  • Kích thước: khoảng 23 cm
  • Nó cung cấp một độc đáo kiềm chế phong cách
  • Nó là mềm mại và dễ dàng có thể giặt

  • Product Description:

    The next time you're asked to be your friend's best man, don't get caught without a stylish solid-colored pocket square to match your bowtie and cummerbund. These handkerchiefs are made of high-quality materials sure to last as long as your friend's marriage (or maybe longer!) You'll be prepared for every eventuality, whether it's looking good in a wedding video or helping console that attractive bridesmaid who's bawling her eyes out.


    Material: 100% Polyester
    Dimensions: approx 23CM
    This kind of andkerchief adds a bit of color to your formal attire
    It offers a uniquely restrained style
    It is soft and easily washable
    Select from a variety of colors to match the occasion

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