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The product is controlled by a microprocessor distinguishes yourdog's bark from other environmental noises and automaticallydelivers sound and shock stimuli after each bark.
The output level of sound and shock is gradually increased asbarking continues giving your pet plenty of warning before itbecomes painful.

At the 1st bark the product applies a short warning tone. If a 2ndbark occurs within 30 seconds a more intense tone is sounded alongwith a short mild shock. If your dog barks a 3rd time both the toneand shock become more intense. This pattern is repeated through 5correction levels. If your dog continues to bark through all 5levels the most intense sound and shock are applied after each barkuntil your dog stops for 30 seconds or more. After 30 seconds ofquiet the product automatically resets to the 1st tone only levelof correction. When your dog forgets and bark again the warningtone reminds your dog without immediately applying painfulstimulus. Size: 6.5 x 3.4 x 2.8CM
Cable length: 48CM
Electronic heater head length: 20MM
Power: 1 X 4LR44 6V battery
With electric shock function effective yet safe to the dog
Attention: it needs some time to take effect. The dog hasconditioned reflex to the electric shock if the dog is shockedeverytime it barks it will not bark gradually. Normally theadapting period is about 6 days and varys with the breed of the dog

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